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Carlos Augusto Moreira Junior

DOI: 10.17545/eoftalmo/2018.0030

Dear Colleague:

eOftalmo journal forges ahead, becoming a good alternative for the online release of papers and contributions.

Always innovating and bringing information to ophthalmologists in all kinds of digital media, eOftalmo endes its fourth year of operation showing editorial strength and becoming even more renowned among authors of scientific articles. The number of contributions has been growing steadly.

In this issue, we have several important contributions, but I cannot forget to mention the contribution of professor Harley Bicas, recounting his role in the Brazilian strabismology. We all should read it. Professor Harley is an example of a life dedicated to the Brazilian and worldwide ophthalmological science.

I would like to take this opportunity to remind everyone to send their scientific contributions, clinical cases, review articles and videos to our journal. We have been doing everything we can to shorten the release time without diminishing the quality of the articles. The reviewing process is fast, and so I would like to thank all our reviewers who contribute to maintain the quality of eOftalmo.

I wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a year 2019 full of accomplishments.


Carlos Augusto Moreira Júnior


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Received on: November 29, 2018.
Accepted on: November 29, 2018.

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